What is DPAGE?

DPAGE lets you create minimalistic webpages that combine text and embedded content from the web.

In fact, this FAQ you are reading right now was created on DPAGE.

What is Blockstack?

DPAGE is built on top of Blockstack. It lets you create a decentralized identity and completely own all your data. You decide where your data is stored and who can access it.

Where can I learn more about the decentralized internet?

Here's a good article about explaining DWeb and the new decentralized internet.

What does it mean that DPAGE is a decentralized app?

Your Blockstack ID that you use to log in is stored on blockchain and all your data is stored on a Gaia node of your choice. This gives you several advantages over using a centralized app:

Where is my data stored?

Your user profile details along with your data are by default stored on a free Blockstack’s Gaia storage hub. DPAGE doesn't store your data on its own servers. You can run your own storage hub on a server of your choice. Learn here how to set it up.

Is my website impenetrable by hackers?

Yes and no. It's a lot harder for hackers to steal your data, since all private data is encrypted. There's also less incentive for hackers to hack into DPAGE data, since there's no central database that contains all the data. Users store their data on Gaia hubs of their own choice.

However, DDOS attacks are still possible if hackers decide to target your Gaia hub.

Does DPAGE track their users?

DPAGE collects non-personally identifiable analytics for the purposes of improving the service. However, DPAGE itself doesn't store and can't read your private pages (anyone can visit your public pages though).


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